When choosing the floor, don’t just settle with the look. Consider other important factors such as cost, durability, maintenance, and condition of your flooring (moisture). You also have to consider the amount of traffic that your flooring has to endure (how many kids or pets you have and the number of people living in your home). 

Whether you are renovating your flooring or are just starting to build a new home, here are some of the top modern floorings that you can choose from this 2020.

Wood Flooring (Fumed)

Fuming is a process that makes wood change colors. It uses airborne ammonia in a controlled environment to add stains to the wood (finishing touch). Fuming makes the wood look richer in color and pleasing to the eye. Big modern houses that are made of glass often use fumed wood flooring to make their home grander and more stylish. 

Distressed Concrete Flooring

If wood flooring is not something that interests you, can check out distressed concrete flooring. As its name describes it, distressed concrete flooring looks like a worn out concrete flooring with a style. 

This type of flooring uses worn out concrete flooring. It polishes the old concrete flooring and make it look grander. You can possibly add a design to match your modern home interior. 

Bamboo Flooring

You can add a twist to your modern home by having one part laid with bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring comes in different patterns and styles and you can choose the one that matches your decors. 

Your kitchen or bathroom can surely enjoy a bamboo flooring with a Herringbone or Chevron design.

Go Classic with Black and White Tiles

Feeling nostalgic as you remodel your home? 2020 is also a year for memories and nostalgia and you can enjoy it by having a black and white tiles pattern in one of your rooms or your living room. 

Having black and white tiles flooring is not just nostalgic, it can also make your home look more luxurious especially if you love having work of art hanging in your living room. For the best interior to choose to click here.

Graphic Tiles

Do you love art but find no time to visit galleries or hang artworks in your wall? Why not express your love of art on your flooring? This is what graphic flooring is for. 

Tiles comes in different patterns, design, color, and style. With the right combination, you can have your floor adorned with art by installing graphic tiles. You can go for jigsaw puzzles tile flooring o make a pattern on your floor. 

Hardwood vs Concrete

For 2020, the top material when it comes to flooring option are hardwood and concrete. Before choosing which flooring to use, know that hardwood installation is more expensive yet concrete is highly recommended if your flooring has to endure heavy traffic regularly. 

When it comes to maintenance, concrete is easier to maintain and clean as pets often scratch hardwood easily. Hardwood’s finishing also fades while concrete or tile design polishing last longer. As for safety especially if you have kids or elderly at home, hardwood can be more dangerous as it can be slippery when wet.