Trend Alert: Wallpaper in 2020

2020 has many surprises, not so good ones. If you are one of those people who stays home all the time because of the 2020 virus pandemic, why not make it a project to change your room or living room’s wallpaper? Since the introduction of wallpaper as an option in making walls livelier and colorful, themes, designs, and styles of wallpaper have evolved as well.

What are the trends that you can choose from for your room’s wallpaper? Here are some of them!

The Chintzy Ones

Chintzy wallpapers can transport you to Japan with its bold and climbing-like floral designs. It looks like a classic design that gives modern feelings especially fi your room is well-lit. 

One popular Chintzy wallpaper has the Plum Blossom design where it features climbing plants from a colorful vase.

Tapestry Wallpapers

Tapestry wallpapers feature outdoor designs such as idyllic landscapes. It is like having a scenic view in your room with forests or beaches or waterfalls – whatever inspire you.

Tapestry wallpapers are often in green and blues. It can make your wall colorful and more alive. As if reminding you the beauty outside. Some tapestry wallpapers also feature an afternoon at a popular place that includes the setting sun.

Panoramic Scenes

Wallpapers of 2020 have evolved, and some designers ventured into making mural-styles wallpapers. Panorama wallpapers looks like a mural, a statement. If you are into theaters, finding a panorama wallpaper with your theater-favorite play is like hitting a jackpot.

For its size, panorama wallpapers are best placed in large walls such as living rooms.

Nature and Tropical Scenes

If you want to create a cooler atmosphere in your room, go for nature and tropical wallpapers. It is like having a natural feel in your room.

Example of tropical wallpapers are botanical inspired designs such as palms running on floating marble design.

3-Dimensiona Wallpapers

If you want a design on your wall but you lack the budget, having a 3-D wallpaper is your best solution. Say you want a brick or a wood on your wall, but you can’t afford it, having a 3-D wallpaper will make it easier for you. With a 3- Dimensional wallpaper, you can have a realistic take on your wall


If you prefer your room to be a bit dark while having a sleepy vibe, going for a Gradient wallpaper is your best bet. A gradient wallpaper is a favorite among minimalist – it is simple and with monotone.It is best if you want to add more colorful things in your room like a painting or some plants in a flower vase that you want to stand out.

Retro Design

What is the best way to go back memory lane? Have retro wallpaper in your room! A retro design can be anything from the 50s such as classic cars or classic artwork.

Designs from the 70, 80s, and 90s are among the popular retro wallpaper designs that you can choose from. Most retro designs are created in colorful wallpapers with warmer colors.

With so many themes and options to choose from, have you decided yet what you want to have in your room?

Stylish Holiday Decorations: Tips

With the holiday seasons just around the corner, have you considered how to decorate your room before the new year turns? Here are some tips in choosing decors to have a more lively and happier holiday vibe. 

Make a Theme

What will be your theme for this year? How about a white Christmas and turn every room white? You have toddlers? Then make a Santa is in the house theme and turn everything red and reindeers. 

You can opt to have a Christmas with socks hanging all around. Not the ordinary socks of course. How about hanging colorful socks with Christmas decors printed on it. If you have more time, why not knit those socks and make it personal like add a name of each member of the household. 

Start Wrapping Gifts and Make Them as Decors

if giving gift is a family tradition, then make it a point to prepare such gifts as early as possible. Have a theme for the gift wraps and use it as part of your Christmas décor. 

Not ready to purchase gifts yet? Just wrap boxes with style and put it under the Christmas tree and anywhere else that it can complement. 

Give Your Door a Makeover

Where do holiday spirit begins? In your doorway!

Make it a point that anyone entering your home would feel the holiday vibes as they knock and enter your door. Their first impression of your door design can help them set the mood – it is the holiday! 2020 Best wallpaper trending now

What can you put in your doorway? How about a pair eucalyptus wreath or a 3-D image of Santa and his reindeer to welcome your guests?

Make and Display Everything Green

Green scenery reflects winter season. Make your season cooler by having those fresh greens around your home. How about having magnolia and garland wreath outdoors to create a winter-like surrounding? 

You can add and hang other Christmas decors on your wreath like bells or small Santa key chains. Add anything to make it livelier. 

Don’t Leave a Place Untouched

Don’t think for a second that no one will go to your bathroom, so you don’t have to decorate your bathroom. Put ornaments to give your bathroom a holiday feel. You should also decorate your kitchen and your rooms. What if people suddenly have to sleepover? You don’t want them to stop feeling the holiday vibes right just because you forgot to decorate your room!

Don’t Forget Those Christmas Lights

Some might say that having Christmas lights and Christmas trees can make the electric bill higher when in truth, it is a way to cut the bill. 

From October to the start of January, I no longer turn on our overhead light and outdoor lamp post because of our Christmas lights. At night, we don’t leave our main light on and just leave the Christmas tree lights on. Those small LED lights ae more cost-efficient hence it uses less power. 

Are you excited now to turn your home into a Santa Claus hides out? Bring out those decorations and ideas and let the holiday season begin. 

Interior Design 101 – 7 Rules to Live By

So you and your partner decided to live together. Your future doesn’t stop by making that decision and finding a home to live with. It continue as you start decorating your home. 

Before you start buying those furniture and planning how each room will look, here are 7 rules to live by as you start designing your home. 

The Lighting

Should you just add a big fluorescent lamp overhead in your dining area? Lighting has a very important role in setting your room’s mood. A single source of light can be boring. Make your dining room or living room livelier by having sconces or floor lamps. These small lightings can produce a subtle glow that can make the room livelier and cozier.

Consider the Shapes of Everything

Imagine a living room with rectangular and square sofas and cabinets. Now imagine having a living room with a round coffee table or a love seat or around painting on the wall?

In your bathroom, you probably have square tiles and square cabinets. Now mix a large circular mirror and see how it can turn your bathroom into something homier. If you have a small bathroom, a large round mirror can also create an illusion that it is a larger bathroom than what it actually is. 

Use Colorful Rugs or Carpets

Colorful rugs can turn a boring room into a stylish one. Rugs or carpets can add vibrant and color to any room. This item is also affordable and is easy to find with different designs and styles. 

To create an illusion that you have a large room, place a rug in one particular part of the room only. Do not lay your rug like a wall-to-wall carpet. Always leave the visible floor on the sides of your carpet or rug.

Don’t Push Things Next to the Wall

One mistake that homeowners do is pushing their sofa sets up their walls. How about placing a cabinet or a shelf next to the wall then push the sofa after it (with a meter distance at least). This picture will make your room more inviting and cosier. 

Always Declutter 

Don’t leave unwanted things lying around your home. If you hate a particular furniture or painting, take it out and replace it with something that makes you happy. This will make you love every part of your room. 

Low Ceilings – No Problem

If your home has low ceiling, you can make it look higher by putting in low-profile furniture like smaller coffee table and sofas. Don’t purchase rectangular cabinets and book shelves. Instead, look for slim and tall ones that can draw your visitors’ eye upward. 

 Play with Colors

You can mix and match your home’s paint and your furniture. Your home’s paint can add beauty and personality to your home. It reflects the owner’s personality. Match it with furniture and accessories that also represent who you are and what you love to make your home feel homier. 

Are you now ready to move in and start designing your home? Don’t forget to talk to your husband or partner first before doing any move. After all, your home is his/her too!

Modern Flooring in 2020

When choosing the floor, don’t just settle with the look. Consider other important factors such as cost, durability, maintenance, and condition of your flooring (moisture). You also have to consider the amount of traffic that your flooring has to endure (how many kids or pets you have and the number of people living in your home). 

Whether you are renovating your flooring or are just starting to build a new home, here are some of the top modern floorings that you can choose from this 2020.

Wood Flooring (Fumed)

Fuming is a process that makes wood change colors. It uses airborne ammonia in a controlled environment to add stains to the wood (finishing touch). Fuming makes the wood look richer in color and pleasing to the eye. Big modern houses that are made of glass often use fumed wood flooring to make their home grander and more stylish. 

Distressed Concrete Flooring

If wood flooring is not something that interests you, can check out distressed concrete flooring. As its name describes it, distressed concrete flooring looks like a worn out concrete flooring with a style. 

This type of flooring uses worn out concrete flooring. It polishes the old concrete flooring and make it look grander. You can possibly add a design to match your modern home interior. 

Bamboo Flooring

You can add a twist to your modern home by having one part laid with bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring comes in different patterns and styles and you can choose the one that matches your decors. 

Your kitchen or bathroom can surely enjoy a bamboo flooring with a Herringbone or Chevron design.

Go Classic with Black and White Tiles

Feeling nostalgic as you remodel your home? 2020 is also a year for memories and nostalgia and you can enjoy it by having a black and white tiles pattern in one of your rooms or your living room. 

Having black and white tiles flooring is not just nostalgic, it can also make your home look more luxurious especially if you love having work of art hanging in your living room. For the best interior to choose to click here.

Graphic Tiles

Do you love art but find no time to visit galleries or hang artworks in your wall? Why not express your love of art on your flooring? This is what graphic flooring is for. 

Tiles comes in different patterns, design, color, and style. With the right combination, you can have your floor adorned with art by installing graphic tiles. You can go for jigsaw puzzles tile flooring o make a pattern on your floor. 

Hardwood vs Concrete

For 2020, the top material when it comes to flooring option are hardwood and concrete. Before choosing which flooring to use, know that hardwood installation is more expensive yet concrete is highly recommended if your flooring has to endure heavy traffic regularly. 

When it comes to maintenance, concrete is easier to maintain and clean as pets often scratch hardwood easily. Hardwood’s finishing also fades while concrete or tile design polishing last longer. As for safety especially if you have kids or elderly at home, hardwood can be more dangerous as it can be slippery when wet. 

4 Tips to Select A Color Scheme for Your Home

When decorating a home, you don’t start with the pieces of furniture to pick or have. You don’t start with the size of the chandelier and kitchenware either. You start by conceptualizing your home in the most beautiful color you can think of. That will be the color scheme of your home. 

Choosing a color scheme for your home is a personal task. Even if you hire a professional interior designer, they will rely on you when it comes to choosing a color for everything. Interior designers understand the importance of the color scheme and how it can impact the homeowners. 

What if you don’t have an interior designer? How can you decide on your color scheme without an expert’s opinion? 

Ask yourself – What color lights up your world? 

Remember your color wheel in grade school? Start from that. What is your favorite color? What color can make you say that a car is great or a color that can make you feel at peace and calm? You can choose from primary to secondary colors, as long as it can positively affect you. 

Setting up your color scheme

Start designing your home by deciding on the color scheme to have in the primary areas of your home. What are these primary areas? These are the entryway, the living room, and the dining room. If you want these areas to feel formal, then go with burgundy or velvet brown wall paint or sofa. If you want it to be nonformal and child friendly, go with light colors like pink or blue or orange dining set. 

Remember 60 – 30 -10

60 – 30 -10 means dividing the presence of colors in your home accordingly. 605 of your home should have dominant colors while 30% have secondary colors. The remaining 10% can be accent color. 

60% of colors can be seen in your wall while 30% can be seen in your pieces of furniture. The 10% can be represented by things that interests you like the color of your flower vases or wall paintings. This way, you can balance the color scheme of your house accordingly.

Choose your lighting

Having good lighting will highlight the balance of colors that you created at home. Without good lighting, everything can just look normal and dull. You can choose to have cove, valance, or soffit lighting for your rooms depending on your preference. Cove lights are high up on the wall while soffit radiates light downwards. If you want a light that seems to be bouncing up and down, valance light is for you. 


When decorating your home, you have to consider your preference and what can make you happy. Don’t put colors that will make your parents happy if they won’t be leaving with you anyway. At the end of the day, it is you who will live in that home and not anyone else. 

Remember, people will love it regardless of its color because it represents you.