So you and your partner decided to live together. Your future doesn’t stop by making that decision and finding a home to live with. It continue as you start decorating your home. 

Before you start buying those furniture and planning how each room will look, here are 7 rules to live by as you start designing your home. 

The Lighting

Should you just add a big fluorescent lamp overhead in your dining area? Lighting has a very important role in setting your room’s mood. A single source of light can be boring. Make your dining room or living room livelier by having sconces or floor lamps. These small lightings can produce a subtle glow that can make the room livelier and cozier.

Consider the Shapes of Everything

Imagine a living room with rectangular and square sofas and cabinets. Now imagine having a living room with a round coffee table or a love seat or around painting on the wall?

In your bathroom, you probably have square tiles and square cabinets. Now mix a large circular mirror and see how it can turn your bathroom into something homier. If you have a small bathroom, a large round mirror can also create an illusion that it is a larger bathroom than what it actually is. 

Use Colorful Rugs or Carpets

Colorful rugs can turn a boring room into a stylish one. Rugs or carpets can add vibrant and color to any room. This item is also affordable and is easy to find with different designs and styles. 

To create an illusion that you have a large room, place a rug in one particular part of the room only. Do not lay your rug like a wall-to-wall carpet. Always leave the visible floor on the sides of your carpet or rug.

Don’t Push Things Next to the Wall

One mistake that homeowners do is pushing their sofa sets up their walls. How about placing a cabinet or a shelf next to the wall then push the sofa after it (with a meter distance at least). This picture will make your room more inviting and cosier. 

Always Declutter 

Don’t leave unwanted things lying around your home. If you hate a particular furniture or painting, take it out and replace it with something that makes you happy. This will make you love every part of your room. 

Low Ceilings – No Problem

If your home has low ceiling, you can make it look higher by putting in low-profile furniture like smaller coffee table and sofas. Don’t purchase rectangular cabinets and book shelves. Instead, look for slim and tall ones that can draw your visitors’ eye upward. 

 Play with Colors

You can mix and match your home’s paint and your furniture. Your home’s paint can add beauty and personality to your home. It reflects the owner’s personality. Match it with furniture and accessories that also represent who you are and what you love to make your home feel homier. 

Are you now ready to move in and start designing your home? Don’t forget to talk to your husband or partner first before doing any move. After all, your home is his/her too!