With the holiday seasons just around the corner, have you considered how to decorate your room before the new year turns? Here are some tips in choosing decors to have a more lively and happier holiday vibe. 

Make a Theme

What will be your theme for this year? How about a white Christmas and turn every room white? You have toddlers? Then make a Santa is in the house theme and turn everything red and reindeers. 

You can opt to have a Christmas with socks hanging all around. Not the ordinary socks of course. How about hanging colorful socks with Christmas decors printed on it. If you have more time, why not knit those socks and make it personal like add a name of each member of the household. 

Start Wrapping Gifts and Make Them as Decors

if giving gift is a family tradition, then make it a point to prepare such gifts as early as possible. Have a theme for the gift wraps and use it as part of your Christmas décor. 

Not ready to purchase gifts yet? Just wrap boxes with style and put it under the Christmas tree and anywhere else that it can complement. 

Give Your Door a Makeover

Where do holiday spirit begins? In your doorway!

Make it a point that anyone entering your home would feel the holiday vibes as they knock and enter your door. Their first impression of your door design can help them set the mood – it is the holiday! 2020 Best wallpaper trending now https://www.natasha-marin.com/trend-alert-wallpaper-in-2020/

What can you put in your doorway? How about a pair eucalyptus wreath or a 3-D image of Santa and his reindeer to welcome your guests?

Make and Display Everything Green

Green scenery reflects winter season. Make your season cooler by having those fresh greens around your home. How about having magnolia and garland wreath outdoors to create a winter-like surrounding? 

You can add and hang other Christmas decors on your wreath like bells or small Santa key chains. Add anything to make it livelier. 

Don’t Leave a Place Untouched

Don’t think for a second that no one will go to your bathroom, so you don’t have to decorate your bathroom. Put ornaments to give your bathroom a holiday feel. You should also decorate your kitchen and your rooms. What if people suddenly have to sleepover? You don’t want them to stop feeling the holiday vibes right just because you forgot to decorate your room!

Don’t Forget Those Christmas Lights

Some might say that having Christmas lights and Christmas trees can make the electric bill higher when in truth, it is a way to cut the bill. 

From October to the start of January, I no longer turn on our overhead light and outdoor lamp post because of our Christmas lights. At night, we don’t leave our main light on and just leave the Christmas tree lights on. Those small LED lights ae more cost-efficient hence it uses less power. 

Are you excited now to turn your home into a Santa Claus hides out? Bring out those decorations and ideas and let the holiday season begin.