2020 has many surprises, not so good ones. If you are one of those people who stays home all the time because of the 2020 virus pandemic, why not make it a project to change your room or living room’s wallpaper? Since the introduction of wallpaper as an option in making walls livelier and colorful, themes, designs, and styles of wallpaper have evolved as well.

What are the trends that you can choose from for your room’s wallpaper? Here are some of them!

The Chintzy Ones

Chintzy wallpapers can transport you to Japan with its bold and climbing-like floral designs. It looks like a classic design that gives modern feelings especially fi your room is well-lit. 

One popular Chintzy wallpaper has the Plum Blossom design where it features climbing plants from a colorful vase.

Tapestry Wallpapers

Tapestry wallpapers feature outdoor designs such as idyllic landscapes. It is like having a scenic view in your room with forests or beaches or waterfalls – whatever inspire you.

Tapestry wallpapers are often in green and blues. It can make your wall colorful and more alive. As if reminding you the beauty outside. Some tapestry wallpapers also feature an afternoon at a popular place that includes the setting sun.

Panoramic Scenes

Wallpapers of 2020 have evolved, and some designers ventured into making mural-styles wallpapers. Panorama wallpapers looks like a mural, a statement. If you are into theaters, finding a panorama wallpaper with your theater-favorite play is like hitting a jackpot.

For its size, panorama wallpapers are best placed in large walls such as living rooms.

Nature and Tropical Scenes

If you want to create a cooler atmosphere in your room, go for nature and tropical wallpapers. It is like having a natural feel in your room.

Example of tropical wallpapers are botanical inspired designs such as palms running on floating marble design.

3-Dimensiona Wallpapers

If you want a design on your wall but you lack the budget, having a 3-D wallpaper is your best solution. Say you want a brick or a wood on your wall, but you can’t afford it, having a 3-D wallpaper will make it easier for you. With a 3- Dimensional wallpaper, you can have a realistic take on your wall


If you prefer your room to be a bit dark while having a sleepy vibe, going for a Gradient wallpaper is your best bet. A gradient wallpaper is a favorite among minimalist – it is simple and with monotone.
It is best if you want to add more colorful things in your room like a painting or some plants in a flower vase that you want to stand out.

Retro Design

What is the best way to go back memory lane? Have retro wallpaper in your room! A retro design can be anything from the 50s such as classic cars or classic artwork.

Designs from the 70, 80s, and 90s are among the popular retro wallpaper designs that you can choose from. Most retro designs are created in colorful wallpapers with warmer colors.

With so many themes and options to choose from, have you decided yet what you want to have in your room?