When decorating a home, you don’t start with the pieces of furniture to pick or have. You don’t start with the size of the chandelier and kitchenware either. You start by conceptualizing your home in the most beautiful color you can think of. That will be the color scheme of your home. 

Choosing a color scheme for your home is a personal task. Even if you hire a professional interior designer, they will rely on you when it comes to choosing a color for everything. Interior designers understand the importance of the color scheme and how it can impact the homeowners. 

What if you don’t have an interior designer? How can you decide on your color scheme without an expert’s opinion? 

Ask yourself – What color lights up your world? 

Remember your color wheel in grade school? Start from that. What is your favorite color? What color can make you say that a car is great or a color that can make you feel at peace and calm? You can choose from primary to secondary colors, as long as it can positively affect you. 

Setting up your color scheme

Start designing your home by deciding on the color scheme to have in the primary areas of your home. What are these primary areas? These are the entryway, the living room, and the dining room. If you want these areas to feel formal, then go with burgundy or velvet brown wall paint or sofa. If you want it to be nonformal and child friendly, go with light colors like pink or blue or orange dining set. 

Remember 60 – 30 -10

60 – 30 -10 means dividing the presence of colors in your home accordingly. 605 of your home should have dominant colors while 30% have secondary colors. The remaining 10% can be accent color. 

60% of colors can be seen in your wall while 30% can be seen in your pieces of furniture. The 10% can be represented by things that interests you like the color of your flower vases or wall paintings. This way, you can balance the color scheme of your house accordingly.

Choose your lighting

Having good lighting will highlight the balance of colors that you created at home. Without good lighting, everything can just look normal and dull. You can choose to have cove, valance, or soffit lighting for your rooms depending on your preference. Cove lights are high up on the wall while soffit radiates light downwards. If you want a light that seems to be bouncing up and down, valance light is for you. 


When decorating your home, you have to consider your preference and what can make you happy. Don’t put colors that will make your parents happy if they won’t be leaving with you anyway. At the end of the day, it is you who will live in that home and not anyone else. 

Remember, people will love it regardless of its color because it represents you.